So Blessed My Dear

Oh, blessed be this chest of mine, where your head lies at night;
And blessed be the heart inside that thumps louder every time.

Blessed be my eyes that behold your glances my way;
And blessed be the mind behind that can discern how blessed I am today.

How blessed are my lips to feel the warmth of your own,
And blessed be that the taste of your kiss, I know.

Blessed be my fingers, for touching and pulling you close,
My arms for holding you near.
And blessed I am, oh how much I realize God loves me,
When your tender words I hear.


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I welcome you to Les’Nspired Expressions.

The poetry and expressions you read here are not always about a certain individual. I derive some thoughts and lines from other’s experiences as well as my own. What I share with you here is for you to take with you and tailor it to your own life. Read it then imagine what you will. If you’re feeling particularly generous, leave me a message on your viewpoint of any one particular poem or how you applied it as you read on. Does it inspire you? Why or why not?

The Author

P.S. I try to add visuals to my poetry by including the neatest pictures I can find. These are not all from my personal collection, but are also from others across the net. I try to link these pictures to their rightful authors just incase you would like more information about that particular photo, and to respect the work of the authors. If you find that one of your pictures is included with any of my poetry, and would prefer that I not include it, please contact me. Your wishes will be respected.

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How Did You Know?

How did you know
I had never seen it?
When I looked so hard for it
and wanted badly to explore it,
this is my very first time
to view it as all mine.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never heard it?
That try as I might
to force my ears to wait,
Nothing came soft and sweet,
Only what I knew to hate.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never felt it?
That as much as I 
danced and sang and
wrote everything and still
no one would even tap me with it.
How did you know?

How did you know
I’ve never been here before?
That I tried with all of my heart
to fly away from the bitter dark;
And still I was never taken 
anywhere as good as this.
How did you know?

Copyright 2011:@{LesNspired—

Photo: I think the look in this girls eyes was perfect for want I wanted to convey In this poem. A time when they had seen a lot and trusted no one and were still uncertain. How could anyone not know?

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Your Hospitality

Your Hospitality
Throw your arms open wide
And let me come in close.
Of all the places that are home to me
This is the one I love the most.
How I long tirelessly
To be buried warm and safe,
In the welcoming hospitality your heart gives
Within the comfort of your embrace.

Copyright 2011:@{LesNSpired—-

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Wish Me Well

There is a life that is awaiting me.
It’s called my name since I was a child.
Perfectly it rang clear as a bell.
I did not have to correct it.
“No, it’s pronounced…”
No, because it knew me.
It knows me.

It knows that it is a purpose
that fits my reason, my soul, my joy.
It used to reach me from a far off place. I would hear it in the distance.
I’d incline my ear and I was certain of a future with it.

Now, It comes and it stares me in the face.
So near yet still an inch from my finger tips.

It was teasing me these years. It played upon my hopes.

It is no longer calling. It is speaking to me as if it is you and I. 
It is friendly and comfortable. Is it real now?
I think it is soon that I must live it.
I think I will burst. 
Wish me well.

Copyright 2011:@{LesNSpired—-

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A Mi Lado

Jehova mi Dios
Un refugio para mi
¿Como puede alguien
No depender de ti? 

Porque tu, oh Dios
Amas tanto – mas que puedo imaginar,
Y en tus brazos seguros
Es donde quiero estar.

Gracias, mi Dios
Mi amigo, mi constructor
Por mostrarme, en realidad
Un verdadero amor

Tu organizacion es como ningun otra
Humilde, y aparte
Tus pueblos son los mas felices del mundo…
!Que amor agape!

Te quiero, Padre
Porque siempre me has dado
Y en tiempos deficiles
Nunca me has dejado.

Quedate aqui, Jehovah
Quedate a mi lado.


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I Need Some Poetry

I need some poetry to soothe my mind,
to take me into a cloud of rhyme.
I need some soul to love me blind,
forgive me my faults, and give me time.
I need some life to help me find,
the beauty in all that is real and mine.

It Could Not Be Detained

I am in bed
but I’m flying,
I am laughing
and I’m crying
My heart is soaring
and affection is pouring,
and the pounding inside
me is roaring.
I am sitting upon the moon
and gazing upon the stars.
I am floating among the clouds
and succumbing at all hours.
I am freshly revived
I’ve rode away on a stallion.
I’ve been to the ends of the earth
only to come back to this again.
I’ve fought seas and storms
and hungered for all things,
and never knew how much
life, happiness brings.
Oh the words finally spilled
there upon the scales,
To be measured and weighed;
To try not to fail.
And the release, so great,
The breaking of a dam,
Because it’s let go of what I’ll be
and all I ever am.
Oh what, what does one do
When they’ve had the courage to
Look into the eyes,
of one quite surprised,
and finally admit and say,
“I love you?”
Written: May 14, 2002


Rescuing me is what you do
At times when my life is dangerously low
Forever it seems I’ll need you
Always to treasure & love & care for me so.
Even when times are incredible
Living them with you helps me grow.

Acute to all the wonderful
New ways to cherish eachother,
That you’ve shown me in a way
Only you could ever.
Never believing I’d have a love so
Indefinitely everlasting and true,
Or that such affection that comes in abundance could all flow so easily from you.

Questions arise
Undoubtedly so, as to why
Inside I feel so beautiful,
Next to you peering in your eyes, you
Tell me all there is to know.
All there is that matters to me, being
Near to you for eternity.
In love with you in
Love with us;
Living our lives so happily
And praying to God for just enough joys & tears & spirituality.


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Bring me home to fall
asleep under the sun.
To swing under the tree
to rest just for fun.
Every day is stress
Every life a mess
The memory of home
lingers I confess.
The taste of black berries
ripe and bursting with sweet.
How we did stain!
How we did eat!
The smell of the air
after the rain.
How many mud fights didn’t
cause mother to complain.
And the piles of Autumn leaves
only to be raked again and again;
For who would have a pile
and not jump in…. and in?
And the times at night
when we’d lay in the back of the truck
on blankets and pillows…
and arms, legs, feet, and such.
What star gazers we were
never peaceful, never quiet.
Until one swore they saw a shooting star,
blaze across the sky.
Then it would be still
for all had been said.
And finally to catch a few fireflies,
and then off to the comfort of our bed.
Things I’ll always remember.
Things that will always shine.
Things that make up my home.
Things that are mine.
Things that oh, prove to get better with time.
So let me close my eyes.
Let my mind roam.
Let me just sit a while
and be home.

Yes, let me just sit awhile
and once more, go home.
Written: September 2000

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