How Did You Know?

How did you know
I had never seen it?
When I looked so hard for it
and wanted badly to explore it,
this is my very first time
to view it as all mine.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never heard it?
That try as I might
to force my ears to wait,
Nothing came soft and sweet,
Only what I knew to hate.
How did you know?

How did you know
I never felt it?
That as much as I 
danced and sang and
wrote everything and still
no one would even tap me with it.
How did you know?

How did you know
I’ve never been here before?
That I tried with all of my heart
to fly away from the bitter dark;
And still I was never taken 
anywhere as good as this.
How did you know?

Copyright 2011:@{LesNspired—

Photo: I think the look in this girls eyes was perfect for want I wanted to convey In this poem. A time when they had seen a lot and trusted no one and were still uncertain. How could anyone not know?

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Your Hospitality

Your Hospitality
Throw your arms open wide
And let me come in close.
Of all the places that are home to me
This is the one I love the most.
How I long tirelessly
To be buried warm and safe,
In the welcoming hospitality your heart gives
Within the comfort of your embrace.

Copyright 2011:@{LesNSpired—-

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It Could Not Be Detained

I am in bed
but I’m flying,
I am laughing
and I’m crying
My heart is soaring
and affection is pouring,
and the pounding inside
me is roaring.
I am sitting upon the moon
and gazing upon the stars.
I am floating among the clouds
and succumbing at all hours.
I am freshly revived
I’ve rode away on a stallion.
I’ve been to the ends of the earth
only to come back to this again.
I’ve fought seas and storms
and hungered for all things,
and never knew how much
life, happiness brings.
Oh the words finally spilled
there upon the scales,
To be measured and weighed;
To try not to fail.
And the release, so great,
The breaking of a dam,
Because it’s let go of what I’ll be
and all I ever am.
Oh what, what does one do
When they’ve had the courage to
Look into the eyes,
of one quite surprised,
and finally admit and say,
“I love you?”
Written: May 14, 2002


Rescuing me is what you do
At times when my life is dangerously low
Forever it seems I’ll need you
Always to treasure & love & care for me so.
Even when times are incredible
Living them with you helps me grow.

Acute to all the wonderful
New ways to cherish eachother,
That you’ve shown me in a way
Only you could ever.
Never believing I’d have a love so
Indefinitely everlasting and true,
Or that such affection that comes in abundance could all flow so easily from you.

Questions arise
Undoubtedly so, as to why
Inside I feel so beautiful,
Next to you peering in your eyes, you
Tell me all there is to know.
All there is that matters to me, being
Near to you for eternity.
In love with you in
Love with us;
Living our lives so happily
And praying to God for just enough joys & tears & spirituality.


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My Song

I feel as the shulammite maiden
Who spoke of her dear one with love,
Who refused the offers from a king
For her boy companion who rose far above.

She cared not for riches or gold
Or the perfumed oils fit for a queen.
She wanted to flee from the city instead
To the hills where her shepherd had been seen.
The desire for him deep inside
Made nighttime for her a despair,
For in her dreams she looked far and wide,
But never finding him; a heartbreaking nightmare.
She was loyal and especially true
Despite what those of Jerusalem said.
She stood firm in her resolve
Even while he was gone to his garden bed.
She proved to those
Who feared her too young,
To be a strong wall
With a honeyed tongue.
Alas, this is me!
Oh, love of my soul,
Place me a seal upon your heart,
And never let me go.
For love is stronger than death is
In the flame of Jah,
And neither waters nor rivers can put out
What is united with Jehovah.
This enveloping devotion
I pray, is for always here to stay,
And as of now for us
There are many mountains in the way.

But I still call to you
And together one day it shall be,
That you will be able to
Come leaping over these mountains to me.
Yes, you will be able to come leaping
Over those mountains to me!
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Okay to Need

 Tell me a tale
Of a heroine so true
Who fought off the terrors
Who knew what to do.
Sing me a song
Of a beauty who rode
Her horse to the ends of the earth
To find her eternal abode.
Whistle the tune of a bird
Who could fly to the top
Of the tallest evergreen.
To roost in her haven
In peace and liberty;
To look out upon a sea.
Confidence is acquired
By what one will do,
And simply thinking of courage
Will not cause it to be true.
I could fight a mighty battle
With terrors of insecurities.
I may ride away in victory
Atop a stallion to a home.
To finally rest, with peace of mind
High above the atrocities;
To gaze out at the deep deep ocean
and realize, suddenly… that I’m alone.
No, Someone to help me fight
The ghosts that rage inside,
Someone to steer the mare
As I hold on for the ride.
Someone to set my wings
On tight and just right,
Someone to fly beside
In this determined plight.
And to finally find a home
With the gentleness of the sea,
and oh, how much more the pleasure,
To have you share it with me.
(To need someone is okay;
You are not less of a being to feel so.
To want someone to stay,
and to never, ever let you go…)
April 3, 2002


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Lady He Said

“Lady” he said
As he held out a hand,
Daring her to take the chance and say,
“Yes I’ll go with you.”

His eyes they spark with interest.
Excitement & mystery hidden well behind them.

Sweetness and charm elude him
And any doubts escape her.
Inside she smiles reaching out,
“Dance? Yes, I would love to.”
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As My Dear One is Away

You are away from me,
Oh yes, distance is not a friend;
But may Jehovah show mercy
And quickly bring this to an end.
Thousands & thousands of miles seem to
Separate our very beings;
But our love kindles in each of our hearts
So that they can still sing.
Our eyes cannot see the sentiments in one another
And our hands are far from near;
But when I close my eyes and pray,
It is as if you are very much here.
Your lips cannot bless my cheek
With it’s loveliness and pure delight;
Nor can I feel, ever so softly,
The butterfly lashes of your eyes.
You will return, my dear,
Soon you will be here to stay;
And that knowledge is what makes it bearable,
While you are away.


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So Blessed My Dear

Oh, blessed be this chest of mine, where your head lies at night;
And blessed be the heart inside that thumps louder every time.

Blessed be my eyes that behold your glances my way;
And blessed be the mind behind that can discern how blessed I am today.

How blessed are my lips to feel the warmth of your own,
And blessed be that the taste of your kiss, I know.

Blessed be my fingers, for touching and pulling you close,
My arms for holding you near.
And blessed I am, oh how much I realize God loves me,
When your tender words I hear.


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Encounter With You & Happiness


the moon is smiling
deeply at me
i think it’s a bit relieved
to see me this happy.

for how many times
has it looked down,
to find this girl
sunken in a frown?

How many times has it shared
a view with the stars,
in scenes of terror
that have left pain and scars?

how many times
has it come to find,
tears falling like rain over broken dreams
that would never bind?

the moon, only a witness
to what i never had,
now has an eyeful
of the reasons i’m so glad.

it’s sky, by evening
is in all shades of pink,
it’s blushing too, at the thought of you
that is what i think.

it shares with me the pleasure
of hearing your words,
and can clearly see what you’ve done;
for, times of ache i endured,
the times where no one else heard,
have drifted away to the sun…

oh yes, for they have gone.


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