Wish Me Well

There is a life that is awaiting me.
It’s called my name since I was a child.
Perfectly it rang clear as a bell.
I did not have to correct it.
“No, it’s pronounced…”
No, because it knew me.
It knows me.

It knows that it is a purpose
that fits my reason, my soul, my joy.
It used to reach me from a far off place. I would hear it in the distance.
I’d incline my ear and I was certain of a future with it.

Now, It comes and it stares me in the face.
So near yet still an inch from my finger tips.

It was teasing me these years. It played upon my hopes.

It is no longer calling. It is speaking to me as if it is you and I. 
It is friendly and comfortable. Is it real now?
I think it is soon that I must live it.
I think I will burst. 
Wish me well.

Copyright 2011:@{LesNSpired—-

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I Need Some Poetry

I need some poetry to soothe my mind,
to take me into a cloud of rhyme.
I need some soul to love me blind,
forgive me my faults, and give me time.
I need some life to help me find,
the beauty in all that is real and mine.


Bring me home to fall
asleep under the sun.
To swing under the tree
to rest just for fun.
Every day is stress
Every life a mess
The memory of home
lingers I confess.
The taste of black berries
ripe and bursting with sweet.
How we did stain!
How we did eat!
The smell of the air
after the rain.
How many mud fights didn’t
cause mother to complain.
And the piles of Autumn leaves
only to be raked again and again;
For who would have a pile
and not jump in…. and in?
And the times at night
when we’d lay in the back of the truck
on blankets and pillows…
and arms, legs, feet, and such.
What star gazers we were
never peaceful, never quiet.
Until one swore they saw a shooting star,
blaze across the sky.
Then it would be still
for all had been said.
And finally to catch a few fireflies,
and then off to the comfort of our bed.
Things I’ll always remember.
Things that will always shine.
Things that make up my home.
Things that are mine.
Things that oh, prove to get better with time.
So let me close my eyes.
Let my mind roam.
Let me just sit a while
and be home.

Yes, let me just sit awhile
and once more, go home.
Written: September 2000

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A Teenager To A Parent

Could it be?
Is it really so?
Are you telling me not to let go?
I have been trying hard
so very very hard
and now your letting me know.

Are you proud?
Am I doing right?
Thank you for letting me know tonight.
I almost stopped.
You don’t know how I almost dropped,
but your telling me to keep doing right.
Am I happy?
Oh, but I want to cry.
I thought I saw “proud” in your eye.
I needed it;
Oh, how much I needed it,
And now encouragement has passed me by.

Thank you. I needed it…
Written: 1999

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Oh Do

Send me away
To ride on horseback
In the direction of bright orange sunset…
Send me today
To find and to track
The end of a rainbow never before met…
Guide me
Oh do give me a map,
To take me from this life
that rests upon my lap.
Shake me awake
Make me believe
Impossible things are possible for me.
Shake what’s fake
Make me see
I am what is keeping me from FREE!
Love me
Oh do give me wings,
To fly me to a life
that will realize all my dreams!
Writtten: 2001
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Give Happiness A Chance

When blackness seems to surround
The hope you once held on to;
There is always a small glimmer of light
That gives you one last bit of truth.

When the rest of the world
Seems to hate what you’ve become;
There always seems to be one hand
That comes in to encourage you some.

When all your mind can think of
Is the sad and tiresome time;
There always seems to be a brief moment
That will skip gleefully through your mind.

When all else seems so futile
When your worth feels so small;
Look to those, for that, for it
That can catch you while you fall.

It could be a friend that hangs on the sidelines
But who will be quickly beside you during tough times.
It could be a memory that refuses to budge from thought
Of a time laughter filled your throat and happiness was caught.
It could be just your faith, your God that carries you through
That gives you inner peace when nothing else will do…

Give something a chance when you feel nothing deserves it.
Give yourself a chance to be happy again.
Hang on to what will make you whole and bring you back to life.
And you will be thankful of how what was once so bleak will change then.

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Caught in the Rain


 Sit here to think of something truly heartbreaking
Only you know of what I mean,
Only you know the beating I’m taking
Only you know, for you have seen.

Something so sad, yet inevitable.
It sits there, it knows I must come to know it.
It laughs, I believe it mocks me
For I will very much live it.

It’s a cloud, dark and gloomy
Hanging over my head hanging over my hands.
It’s rain pouring in a waterfall
Falling over my eyes, filling over with tears.

It takes my hands and leads me
To the eye of its hurricane.
It pushes me into a storm of grief
And it let’s go like others I know…

I sit to think of something so sad
Only you know too well.
For the feelings that make one feel so bad
Your eyes they start to tell,

Of a time when they may have shown bright
But oh, that time is so vague and long ago.
Come, these hands of mine are held out to you now
Trust me for they will not let you go.

You sit to ponder on times so hard.
Something you just can’t seem to brush away.
Believe me, I know, I know, I do,
Just let me, try me, I dare you to,
Let me be your friend today.


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My Friend, The Wanderer

Woah! What happened here?
Were did you come from?
I was sitting in my peaceful life
And then, here you come.

Nicely planted in my garden
I’m now uprooted and surprised
Wow, you are really here
In front of my disbelieving eyes.

A trail of laughter follows behind you
A rainbow marks your steps
Fire-works sparkle above your head
And sweet honey from your lips.

You, your person, your being,
Your very dear soul,
Brings life anew to everyone you meet
And takes it away from everyone you let go.

I laugh content to see you here now
I bask in the warmth of your glow.
My eyes are so very bright and sparkle,
But they are not deceived. They know.

I dance inside, I waltz with your words
The promises that are so ideal,
I swing my arms open to take them to heart,
And sigh, “If only they were real!”

Then you see me with my smile
Knowing I have not trusted in your charade
But your mind skips and is sorrowful only a second
Then forgets again any promises made.

You look around for escape.
Where will the wind blow you now?
You’re skipping away, then remember me and turn back,
But I am already settling down.

Then you understand that I understand
That you’re a drifting tide.
That no matter how you, love, sing, and laugh, and dance
You will leave and run and hide.

But I have real life before me now
Filled with security, commitment, and real love.
And I chose not to go with you long ago,
For to me these roots I’ve settled into rise far above.

Farewell wonderful wanderer,
may you brighten another’s day.
But may they learn that the wonder you give
Will in the end again and again, be taken away… 


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Break Away


 Break away and run
to a cliff far somewhere
to keep the shelter from shattering
and leaving my skin bare

gravel upon the ground
flying in all directions
my heels kicking up dust
racing against my reflections

groping for freedom
against solitudes of my mind
and breathing for air
from memories of another time

choking and gasping
slipping on slick pavement of life
tripping and falling
to a void of dence darkness and strife

break away break away
my heart beats
break away break away
my mind repeats

sweat falls and tears follow
shoulders are balancing the world
the cloud above rushes time
and it darkens and storms upon this girl

Stop. I am halted.
Before me stands a friend.
Can this one be trusted?
My eyes won’t let them in.

break away break away
from negativity
break away break away
it will steal all naivety

finding that corner on the edge
of a mountain in another space
where love reigns and noone lives
but me.
where letting down is vacant
and the mirror shows only my face
and all i have ever known is to
just be.

fighting with unjustice and love
understanding is refusing to come
but really all this chaos and trouble?
Girl, what are you running from?

Copyright2009: @{LesNSpired—-

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A Buried Past

A certain silence screams
and I am dumb to the sound;
the curve of enthusiasm past
is no where to be found.

Numbness settles in my mind
where adventure used to lie;
and the peace that hovered above
has been shattered across my sky.

A memory quite forgotten
times of another far off place
have come to bring their fear
quite disturbingly in my face.

Oh go away you stupid recollections!
I buried you all long ago.
How do you come to surface once again?
All this damage you do! Yes, you know!

It is pulling me under.
It is pushing me around.
It is forcing me to look at it
and deal with unsolid ground.

Just let me go.
Others have done so.
I have come to accept this so very well.
Now it wants to hold on.
Others now want to know.
And I just want to disappear so that I can never tell.

So that I can go on in blissful oblivion and believe I never fell…


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