I welcome you to Les’Nspired Expressions.

The poetry and expressions you read here are not always about a certain individual. I derive some thoughts and lines from other’s experiences as well as my own. What I share with you here is for you to take with you and tailor it to your own life. Read it then imagine what you will. If you’re feeling particularly generous, leave me a message on your viewpoint of any one particular poem or how you applied it as you read on. Does it inspire you? Why or why not?

The Author

P.S. I try to add visuals to my poetry by including the neatest pictures I can find. These are not all from my personal collection, but are also from others across the net. I try to link these pictures to their rightful authors just incase you would like more information about that particular photo, and to respect the work of the authors. If you find that one of your pictures is included with any of my poetry, and would prefer that I not include it, please contact me. Your wishes will be respected.

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