A Teenager To A Parent

Could it be?
Is it really so?
Are you telling me not to let go?
I have been trying hard
so very very hard
and now your letting me know.

Are you proud?
Am I doing right?
Thank you for letting me know tonight.
I almost stopped.
You don’t know how I almost dropped,
but your telling me to keep doing right.
Am I happy?
Oh, but I want to cry.
I thought I saw “proud” in your eye.
I needed it;
Oh, how much I needed it,
And now encouragement has passed me by.

Thank you. I needed it…
Written: 1999

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Oh Do

Send me away
To ride on horseback
In the direction of bright orange sunset…
Send me today
To find and to track
The end of a rainbow never before met…
Guide me
Oh do give me a map,
To take me from this life
that rests upon my lap.
Shake me awake
Make me believe
Impossible things are possible for me.
Shake what’s fake
Make me see
I am what is keeping me from FREE!
Love me
Oh do give me wings,
To fly me to a life
that will realize all my dreams!
Writtten: 2001
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My Song

I feel as the shulammite maiden
Who spoke of her dear one with love,
Who refused the offers from a king
For her boy companion who rose far above.

She cared not for riches or gold
Or the perfumed oils fit for a queen.
She wanted to flee from the city instead
To the hills where her shepherd had been seen.
The desire for him deep inside
Made nighttime for her a despair,
For in her dreams she looked far and wide,
But never finding him; a heartbreaking nightmare.
She was loyal and especially true
Despite what those of Jerusalem said.
She stood firm in her resolve
Even while he was gone to his garden bed.
She proved to those
Who feared her too young,
To be a strong wall
With a honeyed tongue.
Alas, this is me!
Oh, love of my soul,
Place me a seal upon your heart,
And never let me go.
For love is stronger than death is
In the flame of Jah,
And neither waters nor rivers can put out
What is united with Jehovah.
This enveloping devotion
I pray, is for always here to stay,
And as of now for us
There are many mountains in the way.

But I still call to you
And together one day it shall be,
That you will be able to
Come leaping over these mountains to me.
Yes, you will be able to come leaping
Over those mountains to me!
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Looking For

I’m searching –
Searching for the look in your eyes I once saw
That told me without speaking that I was all
All you needed in this life
All that completed you and happiness.

Im looking –
Intensely for the words you once used
To express such deep dovotion that refused
Refused to let my doubt linger
Refused to allow me to caution any of this.

Im waiting –
Waiting for a move that erases my worry
To confirm the small hope that I’m being silly
Silly to think your eyes have grown dim
Silly to believe you mean nothing in your kiss.

Im breaking –
Breaking for I do see it now
The look, the feel that confirms just how
How my presense is being taken for granted
and how my absence you would not miss.

Im lost –
Lost to where I go from here,
to see it now, it’s so clear!
Clear how I am no longer enough,
So Clear how I must go and confront what this is.


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Okay to Need

 Tell me a tale
Of a heroine so true
Who fought off the terrors
Who knew what to do.
Sing me a song
Of a beauty who rode
Her horse to the ends of the earth
To find her eternal abode.
Whistle the tune of a bird
Who could fly to the top
Of the tallest evergreen.
To roost in her haven
In peace and liberty;
To look out upon a sea.
Confidence is acquired
By what one will do,
And simply thinking of courage
Will not cause it to be true.
I could fight a mighty battle
With terrors of insecurities.
I may ride away in victory
Atop a stallion to a home.
To finally rest, with peace of mind
High above the atrocities;
To gaze out at the deep deep ocean
and realize, suddenly… that I’m alone.
No, Someone to help me fight
The ghosts that rage inside,
Someone to steer the mare
As I hold on for the ride.
Someone to set my wings
On tight and just right,
Someone to fly beside
In this determined plight.
And to finally find a home
With the gentleness of the sea,
and oh, how much more the pleasure,
To have you share it with me.
(To need someone is okay;
You are not less of a being to feel so.
To want someone to stay,
and to never, ever let you go…)
April 3, 2002


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Lady He Said

“Lady” he said
As he held out a hand,
Daring her to take the chance and say,
“Yes I’ll go with you.”

His eyes they spark with interest.
Excitement & mystery hidden well behind them.

Sweetness and charm elude him
And any doubts escape her.
Inside she smiles reaching out,
“Dance? Yes, I would love to.”
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As My Dear One is Away

You are away from me,
Oh yes, distance is not a friend;
But may Jehovah show mercy
And quickly bring this to an end.
Thousands & thousands of miles seem to
Separate our very beings;
But our love kindles in each of our hearts
So that they can still sing.
Our eyes cannot see the sentiments in one another
And our hands are far from near;
But when I close my eyes and pray,
It is as if you are very much here.
Your lips cannot bless my cheek
With it’s loveliness and pure delight;
Nor can I feel, ever so softly,
The butterfly lashes of your eyes.
You will return, my dear,
Soon you will be here to stay;
And that knowledge is what makes it bearable,
While you are away.


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Give Happiness A Chance

When blackness seems to surround
The hope you once held on to;
There is always a small glimmer of light
That gives you one last bit of truth.

When the rest of the world
Seems to hate what you’ve become;
There always seems to be one hand
That comes in to encourage you some.

When all your mind can think of
Is the sad and tiresome time;
There always seems to be a brief moment
That will skip gleefully through your mind.

When all else seems so futile
When your worth feels so small;
Look to those, for that, for it
That can catch you while you fall.

It could be a friend that hangs on the sidelines
But who will be quickly beside you during tough times.
It could be a memory that refuses to budge from thought
Of a time laughter filled your throat and happiness was caught.
It could be just your faith, your God that carries you through
That gives you inner peace when nothing else will do…

Give something a chance when you feel nothing deserves it.
Give yourself a chance to be happy again.
Hang on to what will make you whole and bring you back to life.
And you will be thankful of how what was once so bleak will change then.

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I Miss You

Walking through life and all of it’s phases,
Never once thinking you would someday not be a part of it.
Taking for granted your companionship and love,
Then in desperation searching for you and missing it.

People do walk in and out of your life
Some though stay forever embedded in your soul.
They’ve left bruises, or warmth there
and you know their memories will never let you go.

If it’s better you forget, then you try hard to.
If it’s death that’s taken them, you try to wait then patiently.
But whatever the reason behind this separation,
There is always that something that is lacking painfully.

For some it is just distance, miles spread between.
Roads that fail to carry letters or calls back and forth.
For others though it is misunderstanding, hurt feelings, a grudge,
That refuses to just let go; Oh, but is this what pride is worth?

You who I miss, every hour of every day.
You, there, you know who you are…
I am sorry we must be parted at all in this life
And I wish you were here now and not so far…

away from my home, or my heart…
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Caught in the Rain


 Sit here to think of something truly heartbreaking
Only you know of what I mean,
Only you know the beating I’m taking
Only you know, for you have seen.

Something so sad, yet inevitable.
It sits there, it knows I must come to know it.
It laughs, I believe it mocks me
For I will very much live it.

It’s a cloud, dark and gloomy
Hanging over my head hanging over my hands.
It’s rain pouring in a waterfall
Falling over my eyes, filling over with tears.

It takes my hands and leads me
To the eye of its hurricane.
It pushes me into a storm of grief
And it let’s go like others I know…

I sit to think of something so sad
Only you know too well.
For the feelings that make one feel so bad
Your eyes they start to tell,

Of a time when they may have shown bright
But oh, that time is so vague and long ago.
Come, these hands of mine are held out to you now
Trust me for they will not let you go.

You sit to ponder on times so hard.
Something you just can’t seem to brush away.
Believe me, I know, I know, I do,
Just let me, try me, I dare you to,
Let me be your friend today.


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