Caught in the Rain


 Sit here to think of something truly heartbreaking
Only you know of what I mean,
Only you know the beating I’m taking
Only you know, for you have seen.

Something so sad, yet inevitable.
It sits there, it knows I must come to know it.
It laughs, I believe it mocks me
For I will very much live it.

It’s a cloud, dark and gloomy
Hanging over my head hanging over my hands.
It’s rain pouring in a waterfall
Falling over my eyes, filling over with tears.

It takes my hands and leads me
To the eye of its hurricane.
It pushes me into a storm of grief
And it let’s go like others I know…

I sit to think of something so sad
Only you know too well.
For the feelings that make one feel so bad
Your eyes they start to tell,

Of a time when they may have shown bright
But oh, that time is so vague and long ago.
Come, these hands of mine are held out to you now
Trust me for they will not let you go.

You sit to ponder on times so hard.
Something you just can’t seem to brush away.
Believe me, I know, I know, I do,
Just let me, try me, I dare you to,
Let me be your friend today.


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Crazy Circumstance


How many times
Can I dream about you
To face the fact
That something dear is missing?

How many situations must arise
Where I feel I need your opinion
Before I admit I feel lost?

If I could just meet you somewhere
Someplace and sometime
To discuss what all went wrong
To bring out the truth

Because somewhere in your mind and heart
And somewhere in mine
There lies a misunderstanding so deep
That it’s built a wall between us

So many things I don’t quite see why
So many reasons left unexplained
Why you acted in such a way
Why you said nothing and turned away… from me.

My mind practically chides me for feeling so forlorn
It warns, “You’re better this way.”
My heart feels abandoned and fearful and longing
For the friendship it proudly held with you

Where are those days of completeness?
The days where happened what happened
I could turn and know how you felt.
It reassured me, completed me, and gave me reason.

Now it’s so different
Crazy circumstances brought us here,
To this point, this angering, senseless point!
Where I must believe I have never known you at all!

Oh, my heart how it aches to meet you all over again!
Oh, my eyes how they fill to change change change it now!

I am in a dark place searching for answers to
Why things must turn out this way,
But nothing is pulling me out to light
Nothing is presenting me the reasons why.

So I go on for I can’t just stop
My legs carry me to continue through life
My mind works, and thinks of it all, but the one thing
That my heart carries brokenly deep in the insides; it cradles it.

A time when our friendship blossomed and trusted and laughed and cried… together.


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My Friend, The Wanderer

Woah! What happened here?
Were did you come from?
I was sitting in my peaceful life
And then, here you come.

Nicely planted in my garden
I’m now uprooted and surprised
Wow, you are really here
In front of my disbelieving eyes.

A trail of laughter follows behind you
A rainbow marks your steps
Fire-works sparkle above your head
And sweet honey from your lips.

You, your person, your being,
Your very dear soul,
Brings life anew to everyone you meet
And takes it away from everyone you let go.

I laugh content to see you here now
I bask in the warmth of your glow.
My eyes are so very bright and sparkle,
But they are not deceived. They know.

I dance inside, I waltz with your words
The promises that are so ideal,
I swing my arms open to take them to heart,
And sigh, “If only they were real!”

Then you see me with my smile
Knowing I have not trusted in your charade
But your mind skips and is sorrowful only a second
Then forgets again any promises made.

You look around for escape.
Where will the wind blow you now?
You’re skipping away, then remember me and turn back,
But I am already settling down.

Then you understand that I understand
That you’re a drifting tide.
That no matter how you, love, sing, and laugh, and dance
You will leave and run and hide.

But I have real life before me now
Filled with security, commitment, and real love.
And I chose not to go with you long ago,
For to me these roots I’ve settled into rise far above.

Farewell wonderful wanderer,
may you brighten another’s day.
But may they learn that the wonder you give
Will in the end again and again, be taken away… 


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So Blessed My Dear

Oh, blessed be this chest of mine, where your head lies at night;
And blessed be the heart inside that thumps louder every time.

Blessed be my eyes that behold your glances my way;
And blessed be the mind behind that can discern how blessed I am today.

How blessed are my lips to feel the warmth of your own,
And blessed be that the taste of your kiss, I know.

Blessed be my fingers, for touching and pulling you close,
My arms for holding you near.
And blessed I am, oh how much I realize God loves me,
When your tender words I hear.


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I am nothing and I do nothing…

Then what am I here for?

I am walking air, invisible to you

until what I do is too wrong to ignore.


I am non-existent, an irritant

until i stumble in your way.

Then i am mess and disappointment

and then i must know it’s not okay.


My efforts, oh, how I try

they go so unnoticed… why do i try?

My heart it beats silently

tho it’s body at times would rather die.


Then there would be an excuse for no praise,

an excuse for no love.

Then it would not care to be here nor there

nor have nothing to prove.


Glad you see all that you do.

You whistle as you pat your own back.

How much would it hurt you to turn around

and not notice so much all that i lack?


How much would it take out of you

to notice the good in me?

to let me know what exactly it is

that makes me at all worthy…


If I am at all worthy.

If my person is able and kind.

If I am important to you,

and why being worthless is not the way I am designed.


If in fact you do feel that way

why is it so easy to ignore?

I am nothing and I do nothing.

Oh, then tell me what am I here for?



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Break Away


 Break away and run
to a cliff far somewhere
to keep the shelter from shattering
and leaving my skin bare

gravel upon the ground
flying in all directions
my heels kicking up dust
racing against my reflections

groping for freedom
against solitudes of my mind
and breathing for air
from memories of another time

choking and gasping
slipping on slick pavement of life
tripping and falling
to a void of dence darkness and strife

break away break away
my heart beats
break away break away
my mind repeats

sweat falls and tears follow
shoulders are balancing the world
the cloud above rushes time
and it darkens and storms upon this girl

Stop. I am halted.
Before me stands a friend.
Can this one be trusted?
My eyes won’t let them in.

break away break away
from negativity
break away break away
it will steal all naivety

finding that corner on the edge
of a mountain in another space
where love reigns and noone lives
but me.
where letting down is vacant
and the mirror shows only my face
and all i have ever known is to
just be.

fighting with unjustice and love
understanding is refusing to come
but really all this chaos and trouble?
Girl, what are you running from?

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Why did you glance at me at all
if it was only, and merely a glance?
If it meant not a thing
to see my heart start to sing,
Why did you look at me at all?

Why did you smile at me from anywhere
if it was only just a smile?
If what I assumed because
was something that never was,
Why did you smile at me from anywhere?

Why did you stand so beside me
if you were only just standing?
If you cared not how I did melt,
nor how much I had felt,
Why did you stand so, so close beside me?

How dare you breath softly down my neck
simply because you must breath!
And expect not a feeling,
not one that is so reeling,
that is overwhelming the insides of me.

Curse you for looking at me at all!
Curse you for smiling at me as I fall!
Curse you and the presence of your stand,
and your wicked breathing, and where it just had to land!

How careless you have been.
How so very foolish of me
to have made such a deal
of something so unreal.
To have believed more of your chivalry.

Step back, Sir, and leave me here.
Let me weep alone.
To have been so cavalier
So careless and insincere,
A greater man, better he would have known.


January 2000

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Encounter With You & Happiness


the moon is smiling
deeply at me
i think it’s a bit relieved
to see me this happy.

for how many times
has it looked down,
to find this girl
sunken in a frown?

How many times has it shared
a view with the stars,
in scenes of terror
that have left pain and scars?

how many times
has it come to find,
tears falling like rain over broken dreams
that would never bind?

the moon, only a witness
to what i never had,
now has an eyeful
of the reasons i’m so glad.

it’s sky, by evening
is in all shades of pink,
it’s blushing too, at the thought of you
that is what i think.

it shares with me the pleasure
of hearing your words,
and can clearly see what you’ve done;
for, times of ache i endured,
the times where no one else heard,
have drifted away to the sun…

oh yes, for they have gone.


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You Learn

I find that wishing for you,
doesn’t make you come.
I find that hoping you’ll be
doesn’t make you the one.

I realize that reading my mind
is something impossible for you.
I realize that no one knows
exactly what they should do.

I see now that supposing alone
will not let you know how I feel,
And I see now that just wanting it to be
does not make this real.

For it involves so much more than that;
an effort vigorous and strong.
It involves dedication
to avoid what could make it wrong.

It takes courage, but humility
to keep a relationship steadfast,
And it takes giving and accepting
to make the simple things last.

It is you and I
with realism and maturity,
that must toss rose-colored glasses away.
Speak, when want to be heard
is something I have learned,
Something that’ll bring you nearer to me each day…

(…because hard it is
that my heart must make do,
with being so far
apart from you…)


December 2001

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Blinded Of the Obvious

Just stop and take a look at me,
And tell me that your eyes don’t see,
The reason that I still be,
Standing here before you.

Just finally looking into my eyes,
And admit that it is no surprise,
That what you’re feeling aren’t lies,
And that you really, really want me.

Just quit shaking your head no,
And just give up and let me know,
That your heart does love me so,
And beg forgiveness from me.

Just finally take hold of my hand,
Instead of pushing away in demand,
And tell me just where we stand,
But in doing so, whisper it in my ear.

Just listen to your heart and mind,
And allow yourself to become love blind,
And let me not have to remind
you how much you care.

I am standing, just standing,
Right in front of you,
But you seem to stare right through.
Must I slap you into reality,
To convince you how much this means to me?

Look at me, Love, look at us and
Think deeply about what you have been missing.
Look at my yearning eyes and
My lips that you could instead be kissing!

Realize that I’ve been here,
Waiting for such a long, long time.
Just waiting for your answer and,
Waiting to know that you’ll be mine.

Many would say you are fortunate
That I have not tired and left.
Open your eyes, because it’s still not too late,
For me to leave just yet.

So grab me in your arms,
Because you know you want to,
And convince me you were worth the wait,
And that I finally have you.

Why must you seem so unsure?
And being so, making me now so insecure?

So whether it be yes or
Whether it be no,
Please tell me now so that I can stay,
or at last, get up and go.


July 1999

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