It Could Not Be Detained

I am in bed
but I’m flying,
I am laughing
and I’m crying
My heart is soaring
and affection is pouring,
and the pounding inside
me is roaring.
I am sitting upon the moon
and gazing upon the stars.
I am floating among the clouds
and succumbing at all hours.
I am freshly revived
I’ve rode away on a stallion.
I’ve been to the ends of the earth
only to come back to this again.
I’ve fought seas and storms
and hungered for all things,
and never knew how much
life, happiness brings.
Oh the words finally spilled
there upon the scales,
To be measured and weighed;
To try not to fail.
And the release, so great,
The breaking of a dam,
Because it’s let go of what I’ll be
and all I ever am.
Oh what, what does one do
When they’ve had the courage to
Look into the eyes,
of one quite surprised,
and finally admit and say,
“I love you?”
Written: May 14, 2002

My Song

I feel as the shulammite maiden
Who spoke of her dear one with love,
Who refused the offers from a king
For her boy companion who rose far above.

She cared not for riches or gold
Or the perfumed oils fit for a queen.
She wanted to flee from the city instead
To the hills where her shepherd had been seen.
The desire for him deep inside
Made nighttime for her a despair,
For in her dreams she looked far and wide,
But never finding him; a heartbreaking nightmare.
She was loyal and especially true
Despite what those of Jerusalem said.
She stood firm in her resolve
Even while he was gone to his garden bed.
She proved to those
Who feared her too young,
To be a strong wall
With a honeyed tongue.
Alas, this is me!
Oh, love of my soul,
Place me a seal upon your heart,
And never let me go.
For love is stronger than death is
In the flame of Jah,
And neither waters nor rivers can put out
What is united with Jehovah.
This enveloping devotion
I pray, is for always here to stay,
And as of now for us
There are many mountains in the way.

But I still call to you
And together one day it shall be,
That you will be able to
Come leaping over these mountains to me.
Yes, you will be able to come leaping
Over those mountains to me!
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